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First: 0% up to 10 000 Sum: max 25 000 Age: 20 up to 70 logo
First: 0% up to 10 000 Sum: max 25 000 Age: 21 up to 70 logo
First: 0% up to 10 000 Sum: max 20 000 Age: 21 up to 70 logo
First: 0% up to 20 000 Sum: max 20 000 Age: 22 up to 75 logo
First: 0% up to 15 000 Sum: max 50 000 Age: 20 up to 70
Details regarding the lenders - SOSCREDITAddress:Philippines.Phone Max APR: 180% . Term: 3 months - 1 year. Age:20 - 70. Cost example: Loan of 2400 ₱ for 3 months, monthly payment 870 ₱, total amount 2610 ₱, annual percentage rate APR - DIGIDO FINANCE CORP.Address:Units P107003R, P107007R, P107008R, Level 7 Cyberpark Tower1, 60 Gen. Aguinaldo Ave., Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines 1109.Phone number:(02) 8876 84 Max APR: 143% . Term: 3 months - 6 months. Age:21 - 70. Cost example: Loan of 20000 ₱ for 6 months, monthly payment 5716 ₱, total amount 34296 ₱, annual percentage rate APR - CASH-EXPRESS PHILIPPINES FINANCING INC.Address:Level 10-1 One Global Place 25th Street Cor. 5th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.Phone number:(632) 7902 73 Max APR: 145% . Term: 62 days - 1 year. Age:21 - 70. Cost example: Loan of 2400 ₱ for 3 months, monthly payment 870 ₱, total amount 2610 ₱, annual percentage rate APR - MONEYCAT FINANCING INC.Address:Unit 1708 Tektite East Tower, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605.Phone number:0968 874 7401, 0917 100 Max APR: 145% . Term: 3 months - 6 months. Age:22 - 75. Cost example: Loan of 2400 ₱ for 3 months, monthly payment 870 ₱, total amount 2610 ₱, annual percentage rate APR - SOFI LENDING INC.Address:Unit 1405, East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Centre, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.Phone number:0 9624 09 24 Max APR: 180% . Term: 62 days - 1 year. Age:20 - 70. Cost example: Loan of 1000 ₱ for 12 months, monthly payment 95.83 ₱, total amount 1150 ₱, annual percentage rate APR 180%.

When you require financial support, cash loans in the Philippines can provide a convenient and accessible solution. At, you have the advantage of comparing various loan options, including interest rates, loan amounts, and repayment terms. By making an informed decision, you can secure the best loan deal and receive prompt financial assistance. Don't let financial challenges hinder your progress. Explore the world of online loans in the Philippines with and regain control of your financial situation today! 

Cash loans in the Philippines - the ideal solution to various problems: 

In today's fast-paced world, loans have become an increasingly popular and convenient method to obtain financial assistance. Whether you need to make an important purchase or address urgent financial needs, obtaining a loan online offers numerous advantages over traditional loans: 

  • Quick Processing: Say goodbye to waiting in long lines and gathering stacks of documents. Online lenders can approve your loan application within just 15 minutes. 
  • Convenience: Apply for a loan anytime and anywhere, saving you the most valuable resource - time. 
  • Low Interest: Many microfinance institutions offer lower interest rates compared to traditional banks. 
  • Flexible Terms: Tailor the loan amount and repayment period to suit your personal needs. 
  • Transparent: Microfinance institutions communicate openly and honestly about all loan terms, ensuring no hidden fees or charges. 
  • No Collateral or Guarantor Needed: You can obtain the necessary loan without providing collateral or needing a guarantor. 
  • Wide Availability: Funds can be transferred to any bank account in the Philippines. 
  • Reliability and Security: All microfinance organizations featured on our website are licensed and authorized to provide microfinance services. 

Overcome financial challenges swiftly with the convenience of cash loans in the Philippines. This hassle-free option provides the quickest and most straightforward means of obtaining financial assistance. Applying for an online loan takes just minutes, and approval can be granted within a mere 15 minutes. What's more, the "around the clock" availability ensures you can access cash loans online 24/7, even on weekends. Visit to compare vital metrics and make a well-informed decision that suits your needs. 

How to obtain the most beneficial loan? 

When choosing a lender, consider the following factors: 

  • Loan Amount: Enjoy the flexibility of borrowing from ₱1000 to ₱25000* to meet your various needs. 
  • Interest Rate: New customers may qualify for the first loan with 0% interest. Individual interest rates apply, with the maximum annual interest rate capped at 180%*. 
  • Loan Term: Find a financial institution offering the most favorable loan term, typically ranging from 62 days to 12 months*. 

*Specific conditions may vary among lenders. We have provided the general requirements above. 

For your convenience, we have prepared an example to illustrate loan calculations: 

Suppose you intend to borrow 2400 ₱ for a period of 3 months, with a monthly payment of 870 ₱. In this scenario, the total amount to be repaid would be 2610 ₱, resulting in an annual percentage (APR) of 145%. 

What are the borrower requirements? 

Cash loans in the Philippines offer a more lenient set of requirements compared to traditional lenders. However, it is important to understand and meet the following criteria: 

  • Age: Must be over 20 years old. 
  • Citizenship and identity documents: Must be a citizen of the Philippines with a valid identification document. 
  • Source of income: Must have a stable source of income supported by relevant documentation. 
  • Credit history: Must have no overdue loan obligations. 
  • Receiving the money: Must have an active bank account or a valid bank card. 
  • Communications: Must have a valid phone number. 

Please note that each microfinance organization may have its own specific requirements, so it is advisable to review the requirements of the chosen lender before applying for a loan. 

What are the risks of loan default? 

As a borrower, it is your responsibility to repay the loan in a timely manner. Failure to do so can result in penalties and negatively impact your credit history. Late repayments may also make it difficult to obtain future loans. In case you are unable to repay the loan on time, you may be eligible to extend the loan for a certain period. However, an additional fee may be charged for the extension, which may differ from the initial rate. Nevertheless, this option allows you to maintain positive credit. If there is a significant delay in repayment, the lender has the option to involve a collection agency to handle the outstanding debt. 

- When should you apply for online loans?

- How can I quickly obtain financial assistance?

At, we do not engage in the sale of microfinance products. We only provide you with comprehensive information about different microfinance providers in the Philippines and their offerings. Our goal is to empower you to make well-informed decisions and discover the ideal loan solution that suits your specific financial requirements.